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The easiest way to research drug information, check pricing,
drug interactions and send your medication records.

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Built For Physicians & Patients

The Purple Society designed and built The Purple Drug Guide to assist families and their medical teams to quickly and accurately research the drugs their children are prescribed. The app is 100% FREE to download and use. The Purple Drug Guide is a unique drug research tool that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information. No other system is as dynamic, built from the ground up to make it easy to quickly find, learn and understand complex medications, their pricing, and their interactions.

Key Features

The Purple Drug Guide is intended to be a free educational research tool for patients and physicians to get up to date drug information quickly and accurately.

A dynamic searchable library of thousands of drugs

FDA approved drugs, experimental drugs, and nutraceuticals

Detailed drug types

Detailed drug interactions

Detailed drug pricing

Detailed drug dosage

Send direct research to your medical team

Save, read later, and dynamic updates

Very Active Database

Built with dynamic, living data! This new innovative technology allows for the most up to date, vetted data to be accessed via the app every time a search is done.
1. A dynamic searchable library of thousands of drugs.
2. FDA approved drugs, experimental drugs, and nutraceuticals.
3. Detailed drug information, interactions, dosage, pricing, and much more
4. 100% FREE to use.


Simple To Use

We made it SIMPLE to navigate complex drug data! Just download and start searching, saving, and sending your research to your medical team.
Accurate Research:
1. Full drug description including international brand names and over the counter products.
2. Complete pharmacology of each drug for your medical team to use.
3. In depth pharmacoeconmics including prices, patents, and dosage.
4. In depth references for each drug including publications and journal studies.



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